With our fast and convenient Recurring Scheduled Service our security service representative arrives at your requested location on a pre-scheduled, recurring, date of service. Your documents are collected and our mobile shredding truck securely shreds your sensitive materials right there on-site.

Elevated Shredding offers on-site shredding, the most secure method of document destruction. Our state-of-the-art mobile shredding truck is equipped with a closed-circuit video monitoring system, allowing clients to witness the entire destruction process with any on-site service.

Do you need proof that you are disposing of your documents properly? We always provide a Certificate of Destruction for any on-site shred services.

NO NEED TO REMOVE BINDERS! No need to go through all you documents and remove staples, paperclips or even binder clips. Our shredder will handle them, no problem.



recyclingAt Elevated Shredding, we are committed to keeping our environment clean. All destroyed documents are baled in our secure facility and sent directly to a paper mill ensuring 100% of our customers’ destroyed documents do not end up in a landfill! There is no “middle man” or outside recycling facility ensuring a secure chain of custody.

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